Careers in UX

Careers in UX

While it may be too early to start looking for work, it's vital to understand that "UX designer" is simply one of many job titles within the broader user experience profession. As you progress through your design journey, you may develop an interest in a particular specialty or career path within the subject. Furthermore, as an entry-level UX designer, you will most likely work alongside other UX professionals with a variety of specialties. To get you started, this reading will look at a few potential occupations in the subject of user experience.

Interaction designers

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Interaction designers are responsible for creating the experience of a product as well as how it performs. They aim to understand the user flow or the path that a typical user takes to perform a job on an app, website, or other platforms. Interaction designers are a subset of UX designers employed by big tech companies.

The work of an interface designer answers questions such as, "What should happen if a user touches on this button?" How can we make it easier for users to complete this action? And how are the design elements on the website organized? Interaction designers are less concerned with how the product looks and more concerned with making the product easy to navigate and simple for consumers to interact with.

Visual designers

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Visual designers are concerned with the appearance of a product or technology. They are frequently in charge of developing logos, graphics, and icons, as well as determining font color, size, and placement. Visual designers concentrate on the layout of each page or screen, ensuring that all design elements fit together in a visually appealing manner.
A visual designer's job is to answer questions like, "What kind of visual style should icons have to complement the product's branding?" Alternatively, what color and font should we use for this button? A visual designer's purpose is to delight users by creating designs that inspire, engage, and excite them.

Motion designers

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Motion designers consider how a user moves around a product and how to create smooth transitions between pages on an app or website. To bring their design concepts to life, they may also develop animations or visual effects.

A motion designer's work provides answers to questions such as, "How should an app move between pages?" How can we demonstrate the link between these actions? And what is an interesting animation that will aid in telling our story? Rather than standard static designs, motion designers concentrate on design features that move.

UX researchers

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UX researchers perform surveys or interviews to investigate how people use a product. UX researchers frequently discover user pain points and investigate how solutions might assist in resolving those issues. They also investigate the usability of existing goods, for example, by asking consumers to perform activities in an app or website.
UX researchers respond to issues such as, "What challenges do consumers face?" Is this product's design simple to use? And, would people be interested in this new design feature? The purpose of UX researchers is frequently to discover how a product might provide a solution to a real problem that people are experiencing.

UX writers

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UX writers consider ways to make a product's language clear so that the user experience is more intuitive. UX writers also contribute to the development of a brand's voice and personality. Writing labels for buttons and setting the tone of language used within an app or website are common tasks for UX writers.

UX writers are concerned with answering questions such as, "What words should be used to clearly explain this idea?" Should this app's tone be welcoming or technical? And what should the text on this button label say? In order to deliver content that is understandable to all consumers, UX writers frequently become subject matter experts.