Design isn't Art. Right ?

Design isn't Art. Right ?

According to Wikipedia, design is a plan or specification for the development of an object or system for the execution of an activity. A design is anything that is utilized to better something, and it is how we address problems by making solutions.

I did remark that designers are problem solvers because you can take up a problem, understand it, and find a solution to it. Let us make it more relatable. Design is similar to building a house in that you require an architectural drawing, which engineers interpret and apply to bring the structure to life.

The underlying visual principles shared by art and design are the same. Color, shape, line, balance, contrast, rhythm, and so on are all important considerations. These are the fundamental building pieces that artists and designers use to create visual experiences. The relationship between design and art, and how they differ in today's environment.

Design is not Art

I understand that everyone expects the design to be art, but it isn't. Art is about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and throwing colors about to bring those sensations to life. Emotions, colors, amusement, and decoration are all aspects of art.

Clients, limitations, business goals, and user needs all play a role in design. Some limits are imposed by the client (business goals, money, deadline), others by the medium (technology, responsive design), and still others are customer requirements (user goals, expectations, accessibility).

First and foremost, we must define the type of design we are discussing. I can see how design is partial "art" in the case of graphic design, illustration, and branding, but when we're talking about more practical design—such as digital product design or industrial design—we need to go a lot further, and it becomes clear: Design is not "art."

Design is all about issue solving, shaping the user experience, and conducting research on a given circumstance. People frequently confuse design with art because their tools are so similar.

A designer can do both; the main difference is that they plan and research logically to attain their product's goals and plans. Designers consider their user's needs above their own needs and remove bias when coming up with a solution or product.


I hope you understand the contrast between design and art and how they differ in today's world. And never forget "Design creates solutions, Art asks questions".