Prime Learning Program

Learning programme for students across Nigerian schools

Prime Learning Program


We have set out to build an end-to-end continuous learning network for African students. Our prime platform would provide training for young and aspiring secondary school students to get hands-on training from industry experts in various industrious specialisations.

This would provide enablement to make them digitally prepared for the market place after high school.

The platform would promote practical learning workshops, mentoring & performance reviews, community events/conferences/seminars, and networking opportunities with other students globally.

Our Achievements

We have trained more than 5000+ beneficiaries globally within the space of 1 year. Our virtual program has given us massive traction as we see hundreds of participants joining our training programs daily over the past few months.

Value Proposition

Our prime training is built on a minimal but effective curriculum that aims to last for 3years. This would be an extension of the student's termly activities that would be handled by our global team of instructors & industry-leading professionals working with reputable companies in the likes of Flutterwave, Paystack, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Netflix and much more.

Adoption Channels

  • Prime Mobile & Web Based e-learning solution
  • Focused micro-learning courses (Physical & Virtual).
  • Mentoring
  • Project-based learning.
  • Live workshop sessions
  • Community chat forum

Potential gains for the students

Here’s a list of what the students would benefit when they go through the prime learning programme:

Personal Development

  • Strategic Communication
  • Money Management Skills
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Business Education
  • Process Oriented Learning
  • Financial education
  • Risk Management & Optimisation Strategies
  • Adaptability
  • Personal & Brand Integrity
  • Team Work/ Player

Learning management

  • Continuous Learning Strategies
  • Career Planning & Development

Business & Marketing

  • Selling Strategy
  • Marketing Skills
  • Presentation
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development


  • Software Engineering
  • Technical Adaptability
  • Product Engineering Basics

Design Studies

  • UI/UX Design
  • Product Design Basics
  • Graphics Design
  • Character Design & Illustration
  • Character Animation

On graduating, students would gain direct entry to the Top Universe Virtual Academy & Talent pool. Our talent platform would test their hard & soft skills, then provide remote paid internship or entry level jobs to those with successful outcomes & place the under–performers on a monitored/self paced training programme to help improve their performance.

School Requirements

  • Laptops or Desktops with stable internet connectivity & electricity

Student Requirements

  • Students in Senior Secondary Level
  • SS 1 - SS 3
  • Willingness to learn from professionals & mentors.
  • Mobile/Laptop Device (For accessing the platforms at home [Optional])


Based on the documented categories and learning strategies on this document, we would love to discuss with you/your team on the adoption/implementation of this programme in your institution. We are offering the next generation a sense of decency and the value of work. If you have further enquires, you can reach out to our team via text on +2349164412499 or via email at