Cohort 2.0 Welcome Party 🎉

Here's a quick brief. Kindly read the details appropriately.

Cohort 2.0 Welcome Party 🎉

Welcome to the community.

Top Universe is a complete virtual cohort training that focuses solely on your chosen learning track. As you join us, keep in mind that the program begins on July 6th, 2022, and here are the actions to take right away:

Step 1:

Join the Discord channel by clicking the discord link below. Keep in mind that there are more than a thousand members on the server. Don't be intimidated by the crowd in any way. We believe in communities, so should you as communities provide us with open source intelligence needed to learn together and grow in our respective careers. The discord link server link is at the end of this message along with a discord introductory video.

Step 2:

Always keep an eye on the general channel, announcement channels, and the learning text channels. You'll be able to keep track of what's going on via these channels.
Do well to use appropriate images as your display picture, and use names that would be used to identify you properly to avoid mistakes when processing your certificates at the end of the program.

Step 3:

Add your track in front of your name; i.e (FE) for Frontend Track,  BE for Backend Track, UIUX or UI for UI/UX track, and PM for Product Management Track.
You will need to socialize with others and learn from the community by engaging professionals on social media in coffee chat sessions. This networking process would make it easier to land your first internship or junior role after the completion of the cohort program. The coffee chat sessions would be at your own pace of course.

Step 4:

It is necessary to follow our social media handles and tag us on your posts during the coffee chats. This would help us identify your sessions and the work you put into networking with the tech community on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

Step 5:

Every learning path would have group coordinators and assistant coordinators to help pass some vital info regarding events, classes, and more.
At the end of the program, you will be eligible to work on a real project with your supervisors and instructor & your project would be hosted and posted on the platform with your names and LinkedIn profiles as a reference for hiring managers.

Step 6:

To be qualified for the project stage, you need at least 80% of attendance sessions.
At the end of each week, you share your progress on your socials with the hashtag #topuniverse_africa (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) as this would mark as attendance for you. Attendance is a prerequisite for participating in the project and becoming certified.

Welcome once again, we are very excited to have you join the community.

Ensure to join the welcome party.
Training would begin officially on Monday, 11th, July 2022.

Here are the social handles to follow & visit for more details:

Facebook -

Linkedin -

Instagram -

Twitter -

Youtube -

Discord Server -

Website -

Emmanuella Orioma
Operations Lead @ Top Universe