Wait... What’s your mission?

We're approaching learning in a completely different way than other traditional online learning bootcamp programs.

Wait... What’s your mission?

That was the exact question that led to this article as we assembled the team in the mission control room for some brainstorming.

The Mission

Top Universe's mission is to make digital education available to everyone around the world for free. We want to give you the freedom to choose your path in technology and grow in the industry by providing as much help as possible.

Our learning roadmaps are designed to give you the learning experience & practical experience expected in a real job so we mentally drive you in that direction as you learn from industry professionals working in the same domain.

Open Mentoring Program

We are launching our Open mentorship Program in March 2023 giving our community members access to guides and assistance needed to navigate the industry by connecting them with professionals in their desired industry.

Cohort 3.0 Program Registration

We have opened registration for Cohort 3.0, which will begin in March 2023, and enrolling in the cohort grants you automatic membership access to our community.

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Top Universe Membership Benefits

Here are the advantages of being a member of the community:

  • Free weekly tech newsletter for all community participants
  • Improved cohort experience with more live classes
  • Free subscription to tech news & trending updates\
  • Free access to open masterclass sessions
  • Free access to open mentoring programs from our global experts
  • Free access to technical events from top industry professionals
  • Free access to workshop sessions by our facilitators and partner brands

Why are these offerings all for free?

🤩 Well the short response. It's free because you deserve it 😁.

We're approaching this from a microlearning standpoint, with the help of community members who are passionate about driving open source education and facilitators who are passionate about making education accessible. While free and open source (with no bias), you will get the best human-driven bootcamp experience with the aim of getting you into Tech compared to other offerings out there. With our collaborative intelligence, Open Source learning will always win.
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Top Universe Partner Programme

The Founder for Good Initiative

Our founder for good initiative is a program that aims to increase community engagement among early-stage entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and talents. The founders would educate the community based on their expertise and experience with the projects they are working on, and they would have access to a pool of talent that can build and innovate with them on mutually agreed-upon terms. This would provide early founders with access to design and engineering talent within local communities, allowing them to drive community, product, and platform development while also providing community members with their portfolio & job experience.

Why are we doing this?

The entire concept of making education accessible to everyone is finding a way of learning that works for everyone in the modern age that we live in, and being part of a community that helps drive the open source culture of learning and development is critical to creating the best environment that enables this culture.

Enough talking. How do i get in?

First sign up for updates using the button below,

Secondly, you should join our discord community via

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Thirdly, you can register for the next cohort training:

Register for Cohort 3.0

As you join us to make this mission a success, always remember;

We are powered by intellect, but driven by value.